2016 christmas project

Thank you all who donated and helped to make this project a huge success!

Three Mission McNeill teams worked together to surprise 500 deprived Peruvian children and 50 seniors with gifts.  All three teams traveled between 2.5 to 5 hours in one direction, through very small dirt mountain roads, to reach over 15 remote villages. 

All the children received at least one gift-wrapped toy, from a large assortment of toys we purchased.  And of the 500 children, about 40 received U.S. donated clothing; we were able to collect a total of 151 articles of clothing from our children’s clothes drive.  And for the most needed seniors we could find… we gave away 50 warm blankets.

The total project cost averaged exactly $5.42 per person (children and seniors).  :)  Even a small amount goes a long way with Mission McNeill!

The video above and pictures below, is the story of team one.