On January 5th, while camping out at a semi-remote place looking for future children projects, Paola and I met a grandmother called “Mama Andrea.” She is a 76 years old woman, widow, and has nine daughters (no boys). However, what fascinated us more about her was the fact that out of necessity of helping her own children and grandchildren, she’s never had her own private room or slept alone in her own bed. She’s currently housing one daughter and five grandchildren. Her two room house (or a small shack for the most of us) is 20’ x 12’ with no restroom, no kitchen, and only three beds.

As Paola and I were brainstorming how to help Mama Andrea, we quickly noticed a cheap/quick project idea. Next to Mama Andrea’s house there is an old, unlivable adobe (mud) storage shed. The roof had small holes that causes it to leak water. It had everything from old clothes, tools, and a large cage full of guinea pigs. Traditionally in Peru, guinea pigs aren’t pets but a delicacy. With some imagination, Paola and I envisioned converting this old place into a beautiful new home for Mama Andrea–with her own bed.

With a team of 12 volunteers, we spent three days working on renovating the new place. To complete the project, it took about 185 man-hours and $155 worth of materials. The most expensive items were the roof ($56), the plaster for the adobe walls ($28) and the cement floor ($26).  Other miscellaneous items included : paint, wood for the roof, nails, and electrical stuff.  There were no labor costs associated with this project and all transportation costs were covered by us personally, Paola and I.

To help the five children living in Mama Andrea’s house, we want to raise enough money ($300) to buy two sets of bunk beds. These bunk beds will allow everyone to have their own bed.  :)   To donate $10 or any other amount, please click here.  Please write Mama Andrea in the comment box, while donating to ensure your contribution goes towards the bunk beds. We’ll then send you pictures of the beds and children.