Mission: Buy much needed equipment and supplies for an orphanage that has 56 girls who are housed and supported by 11 nuns. 

This video is dedicated to the 56 orphan girls and the 11 nuns that provide for them; and to St. Jerome’s Catholic Youth Group from Clute, Texas that sponsored this project.


The orphanage is called Casa de la Divina Providencia Orfelinato, located in Abancay, Peru. Its primary focus is to raise, educate, and help those unfortunate children that have no parents or relatives to take care of them. Of the 11 nuns, five are dedicated to working with the girls, while the other six work various jobs to provide for the entire house. Except for rare donated gifts, the orphanage receives no outside monetary help from anyone.

Thanks to St. Jerome’s Youth Group and their selfless act of doing a 24 hour fasting, third world poverty awareness fundraiser, we were able to do the following.

In two days and for $830, we bought the girls: a much needed industrial propane stove; the largest pressure cooker we could find; lots of lice shampoo; enough bowls and utensils for everyone; replaced a variety of important kitchen equipment that was broken or lacking, like a water boiler, large pots and pans, large knifes, strainers, cutting boards, pitchers, large salad/fruit bowls, etc.; restroom items like shower curtains, toilet lids which all toilets lacked, soap trays, etc.; educational items like dictionaries, thesauruses, colored pencils, water paints for the little girls; sporting items like a volleyball net, two volleyballs, one basketball, one soccer ball, and one ball pump; general items like trash cans, enough fabric for the nuns to make 15 bed sheets, lots of pillow stuffing, special hangers to air-dry their clothes, hundreds of clothes pins, two underwear and socks per girl, laundry baskets, and multiple scrub brushes to wash their clothes.

On behalf of the all 56 girls, 11 nuns, and Mission McNeill crew, many thanks to St. Jerome’s Catholic Church for all your support! This project was a huge surprise to all the girls and nuns; and our most inspiring project yet.

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