Mission: Support a village meal center, which provides 1,500 free meals to five remote villages, with 400 stainless steel bowls/plates and spoons.

In a remote area of Cusco, Peru, there is a small village called Acopia. There, you’ll find a non-profit organization called Fundacion Prodein (Prodein Foundation in English) with a very special village meal program or soup kitchen. Amazingly, the center there prepares over 1,500 free meals a day, and which, over a thousand of those meals are delivered to four even more remote and poorer villages. The variety of meals served are for anyone in need but more specifically for deprived children, students, and the elderly. Among the people we met, were numerous of 70+ year old villagers and small children whom have to walk by themselves daily, 2 hours round trip, to receive their only meal of the day.

Our hygiene improvement goal for this project was to help the villagers by teaming up with the Village Meal Center. In short, we agreed that if we provided 400 new stainless steel bowls/plates and spoons, they would happily serve the neediest of the villagers with clean bowls/plates daily.

Thanks to you… the end result was a perfect match between a circle of people in need! To learn more about the Prodein Foundation, visit their website at: Besides helping thousands of extremely poor villagers via soup kitchens, they also support thousands by running free hospice locations and hospitals.

The total project cost was $1,220… helping over 400+ children.

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