Helping Three Disabled Families


Thanks to some local contacts, Mission McNeill was able to help several disabled and extremely poor families.  Each family's situation is very different.  One family has a child with developmental disabilities; the woman in the picture above is blind and lives only with her 16 year son and the third family has two older sisters with memory, communicating and walking problems.  

Mission McNeill purchased and delivered a "gift basket" to all three families in need in the Curahuasi area. The "gift baskets" contained a 50 kg (or 100 lb) bag of rice, a large bag of sugar and plastic laundry basin with 16 rolls of toilet paper, 5 liters of cooking oil, eight cans of condensed milk, 30+ packages of pasta and one bottle of hand soap. 

The total project cost per family was $125.  However, in 2018 we have another set of volunteers that will return to each of these families with bigger packages of humanitarian aid.