Back to School Surprise

Institución de Educativa de Ccocha, located in Southern Peru, serves both kindergarteners and primary school children, some of whom walk upward of 1.5 hours each way to attend school every day from their homes in the campo.

For the kindergarteners, Mission McNeill purchased backpacks with notebooks; a coloring book and crayons; and a pencil case with blue and black pens, pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, scissors and a glue stick. For the primary school students, Mission McNeill purchased drawstring bags with similar school supplies (no coloring books and colored pencils instead of crayons) and water bottles. Additionally, each student received a hygiene pack: toothbrush and tooth paste, soap and plastic holder, hand towel and plastic drinking cup. A book/activity basket for the primary school students was also donated. The basket contained a variety of books, including a dozen reference books, games, a globe, a soccer and volleyball, and a pump.

On day one, the volunteers distributed the gifts and played a game of soccer with the students. On day two, they helped the teachers give one class an English lesson and participated in a drawing activity with the kids. 

The total project cost was $696, helpling 25 students and the school.  Thank you Kristina and Dan, for all your help!