Bicycle project, Cambodia

This project wasn’t something that we planned on until we experienced Cambodia’s skin burning sun and hot temperatures.  While working on school projects, in rural Cambodia, we noticed how far some students walked to school in 100F or 38C weather.  Interestingly, school days in Cambodia are from Monday through Saturday.  As a result, we held multiple meetings with principals and teachers to create a list of 25 students.  Our goal was to help some of the poorest students that walked the longest to school… over 30 minutes in one direction.  Once we found 25 students we gathered all of them, along with one parent, and surprised each student a brand new bicycle.  About 10 of the 25 students will be transitioning to high school next year, and will use the bikes to save another 30 minutes of walking time.

The total cost for this project was $1,362, directly helping 25 students.