Mission: Established a formal dining room for a remote village school. 

While on a project scouting trip and driving by a village, we noticed a large group of children having breakfast on the ground. After a quick stop, we realized that the children were a group of students, whose school didn’t have and never had a formal place for them to eat at.

Prior to our project, the adobe school was comprised of two classrooms, a small kitchen, and a storage room, which was later converted into a new dining room. The school has 32 students and two teachers who teach first through sixth grades, in the two classrooms.

Our goal for this school was really simple… give the students a formal place to eat a meal. And thanks to the help of a few villagers, the teachers, and volunteers we did so in just two days. One day was dedicated to buying all the supplies, and the other to establishing the formal dining room. For a total project cost of $295 we: cleaned and organized the room; gave it a new paint job; bought new tables, chairs, bowls, and spoons for all the students; put up various new educational posters on the walls; and a new black board. Please see the video and/or pictures below for a better understanding of what was given.

A very special thanks to our project sponsor: Nathaniel Priestley… Thanks so much for all your wonderful support!! Hope to see you soon.

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