Wheels for Clarisa

We were introduced to Clarisa by a local charity called Oye Lena, located in Curahuasi—Peru.  Clarisa was born a healthy beautiful baby girl.  Unfortunately, when Clarisa was just a few months old, she was treated for a fever incorrectly by an inexperienced doctor resulting cerebral paralysis.  According to her mother, the deterioration happened almost over night. Clarisa was unable to move or make "baby talk" clearly.  Needless to say, it was a tragic event for everyone! 

When we first met Clarisa and her mother, who sadly are abandoned by the father, we immediately noticed how Clarisa sits so long in her wheelchair daily.  We noticed the following problems with the wheelchair: it’s just too small for her; it has worn wheel and brakes (the wheels have been re-welded three times); the back seat torn is torn; and it’s difficult to control while pushing.

However, thanks so much to a local group from Lake Jackson, TX called St. Michael’s Lenten Longings… we were able to buy her a brand new five in one wheelchair.  This new wheelchair can recline into a bed (180 degrees); has a head support; removable table for eating or handwork; leg supports that angle up and down, and has the added option of a removable small bucket underneath the seat for urinating purposes. 

The total project cost, wheelchair and its transportation, was $395.  After looking around in three cities and 11 stores, we were very fortunate to have found the most appropriate wheelchair for Clarisa at a significant discount.  Many thanks to St. Michael's Lenten Longings for making this project happen!!!