Unofficial community kindergarten -- dangkor village, CAMBODIA

This was probably the poorest school that we’ve ever helped.

In Dangkor Village, there is an unofficial community kindergarten that the village has put together because it simply lacks one.  It has a formal teacher, about 24 students and a classroom but literally, nothing else.  The teacher does her best to teach the students the basics like: the alphabet, vocabulary words, songs, etc., with just oral communication.  What really impressed us about the school is how much the parents participated and support the teacher, during class time.  

To help the school we gave them: two small tables, eight chairs, four floor mats, one medium size white board, 20 small personal size white boards with markers, 24 refillable whiteboard markers, 12 ink cartridges for the markers, four boxes of coloring pencils, six boxes of crayons, two children scissors, four packages of white paper, six packages of mixed color paper, several puzzle games, two boxes of Legos, one xylophone toy, some reading books, 10+ posters, three boxes of chalk, one medium size trash can, and one large plastic bin.

The total project cost was $314, directly helping 24 children.