Mission: Create an advanced early childhood development center that serve over 700 poor and underprivileged children from the central Apurimac area in Peru. 

The town of Curahuasi is the central hub of one of the poorest regions in Peru. 18,000 people call the city home, but many thousands more live in small villages in the surrounding mountains. Families from these impoverished villages often travel on foot for more than a day to visit the new regional clinic in Curahuasi. The clinic is a vast improvement over the previous facility, but the region still lacks the funds to implement some important services, like an early childhood development center.

This is where Mission McNeill stepped in. After two successful projects in the area, the clinic asked us to set-up a first class center in a room that was not adequately equipped to serve the over 700 children that needed a development center. The team completely revamped the center adding new toys, learning tools, additional lighting, and a multimedia center.

After 4 days and $1,700, what was once a cluttered office has now become the best early child development center within a one hundred mile radius of Curahuasi.

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