Mission: Imagine being 84 and not having a light switch to turn on at your own home... till now! Absolutely amazing! We installed electricity and paid the bill for one year. 

Senora Rosa is an 84 year old lady whom lives alone in a one room efficiency, without water, restroom, and electricity. After cleaning, sweeping, mopping, organizing, and replacing Senor Rosa’s broken window, we became determined to raise $100 in donations for her.

Thanks to a few donors, we raised that amount in just a couple of days and changed her life forever. For $110, we installed electricity in her room, paid her electric bill for one year, gave her new shoes, a new mattress, and fixed her beautiful broken chair that never got any use in the last 10 years. Watch the video to see Senora Rosa turn on a light switch, in her own house, for the first time ever!

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