Mission: Bring life to a school dedicated to helping poor children with Special Needs and Down Syndrome. 

Next to Curahuasi’s main plaza, there is a small schoοl dedicated to helping 20 poor children with Special Needs and Down Syndrome. It’s the only schoοl of its kind within a 60 mile radius. A typical day in the life of a child at the schoοl involves learning every day skills through educational activities and games and engaging in social experiences. Lunches are meager. One of the mothers prepares rice and potatoes, and classmates may bring additional items.

The special needs schoοl has served the community for over 20 years with the current (and only) teacher having worked there for the last 12 years! The center’s average budget for indoor and outdoor improvements is $189 per year, as the area lacks the ability to provide funding. In fact, the teacher told us the facility has not received any outside support in the last 15 years.

Thanks to donors like you and an excellent ground team, Mission McNeill spent just three days and $800 revamping the entire facility.

Indoors, we cleaned, organized, provided more lighting, and painted every wall. We also supplied them with a greater variety of educational tools and introduced new teaching techniques. We were even able to purchase a small stereo, enabling them to focus more on dancing and body movement. Outdoors, with the permission of the city, we expanded their fence boundary, creating a larger playground footprint. We made the outdoor area safer by cleaning all their grounds, and we painted all their playground equipment. In the kitchen, we cleaned and organized items. Simple actions made a huge impact. For example, we moved their firewood into a dedicated bin, bought trays for utensils, and containers for salt, sugar, etc. We also gave them additional shelving and much needed dishes, cups, large pots/pans, and a large water kettle.

By investing in these projects, you have allowed us to give them a great gift. They can now use their annual budget for indoor & outdoor improvements for other financial needs this year. Thank you for your continued support!

Donate for future projects at: Donate to Mission McNeill