Deep well pump & classroom tables


Project Summary: correctly size and purchase an electric pump, and give 15 new classroom tables to the school (get students off floor)

For months, the school’s gasoline powered pump wasn’t properly keeping up with the needed water demand. And to make things worse, the pump was using a significant amount of gasoline, which is expensive and hard to transport to the school.

The well is about 25 meters deep (82 feet) and the water tower is 12 meters tall (or about 40 feet). The tower’s water is used for multiple school restrooms, kitchen and some irrigation use. After researching various types of pumps sold at the nearest large city, our team decided that a submergible pump would be best (shown above).

Additionally, we gave the school 15 new classroom tables to get the students off the floor while at school.

The total project cost was $1,210, helping 200 students. This project cost was about $300 more than what it should had been because the first of the two pumps we bought didn’t perform to its advertised designed specifications. And unfortunately, the store we bought it at didn’t honor the underperformance of the first pump.