Mission: Improve the most deprived daycare we've seen yet!

On the second floor of the local market, there is a daycare dedicated to the famers’ children. The small facility is open weekdays from 7:30am to 12pm. Though about 12 children (ages 1-5) are enrolled there, only eight are allowed in at any given time. Unfortunately, this daycare was so deprived and rundown that we considered it one of the worse we have yet seen in a third world country. That is what made this daycare especially unique to us and is why we were motivated to take action.


Our goal for this project was simple: to give the place a complete makeover that would add function and FUN! In just two days, and for only $220, our team of six was able to complete the following:

  • Cleaned, painted, and organized the place by adding much needed shelving and plastic bins
  • Added a large black chalkboard
  • Built a wall mounted tube-shoot game
  • Introduced a water dispenser for washing hands, complete with a towel holder and hand towels
  • Bought and hung a large mirror at kid height
  • Made a fun tunnel from hula-hoops and strong plastic sheets
  • Created a dedicated a baby area
  • Bought several light mattresses and blankets

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