Helped Four Floating Villages

We helped four floating village schools, in rural Cambodia.  A floating village is a community that’s literally made up of houses that float on a river or lake.  Usually, lower income families live there because they can’t afford land to live on.  One of the four schools is composed of Vietnamese people whose ancestors fled the Vietnam War.  Unfortunately, although the current students and their parents from the floating village were born in Cambodia, neither Cambodia nor Vietnam recognizes them as citizens.  As a result, they can’t apply for any government paperwork or help.       

Life without dry land, as you can imagine, can be pretty hard - especially for the children.  There isn’t much room for them to run around and be a kid.

To help the schools, we gave them a combination of: portable hygiene wash stations; hundreds of bowls & spoons for their rice soup programs; various educational supplies like white boards, books, etc; ceramic water filters for clean drinking water; first aid kits; speaker & microphone combos; and other general hygiene supplies.

The total project cost, helping all four schools and about 700 students/children was $2,107.  The number of children is high because two of the schools have rice soup programs, which supports their villages, and two of the schools have morning and afternoon classes.