Gift baskets to families in need


For this project we chose five families to help, which were extremely poor and very much in need. The idea was just to give them a large gift basket with lots of goodies. On average, each gift basket cost around $200, with some of the gift baskets being slightly different than the others.

All gift baskets included: a mattress, two blankets, two pillows, 5 hand towels, 50 lbs of rice, 50 lbs of sugar, a large bag of non perishable food, 48 small cans of condensed milk, hygiene items, matches for a year, etc. None of the families knew we were going to surprise them with gifts and most of them cried with tears of joy. A special thank you to those who specifically donated to these families.

The total project cost for helping the five families was $1,145. Note: only 3 of the 5 families are pictured below, the other pictures are coming soon.