Mission: Bring running water to a kindergaten's only restroom and kitchen, for the first time.

Lucmos is a relative large village of about 1,000 people. It has no public park or other public locations, only a kindergarten and a primary school that teaches grade levels 1-6; they have no high school. The biggest issue with the village’s educational system is the kindergarten restrooms and has been a problem for many years.

Two years ago the local government and the villagers themselves came together to completely upgrade the kindergarten with new classrooms, flushable restrooms, and a new kitchen. Incredibly, due to lack of water pressure and broken pipes the new kitchen has never had running water and the flushable restrooms have never worked! To make matters worse, prior to building the new restrooms, the school destroyed their only dry restrooms thinking they weren’t going to be needed anymore. As a result, for two years the students have had nowhere to use the restroom and literally, defecate and urinate all around school property…. until now.

In just 10 hours and for only $230, our ground team of six was able to completely change the lifestyles of 21 students and one teacher. We did this by installing new water lines to the restroom and kitchen to a new water source.

Please see the smiles of the children below, as none of the 21 students have flushable restrooms at their houses, and are now able to use them for the first time.

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