What started as a dare turned into an amazing opportunity: a brief conversation with the Peruvian President and First Lady about Mission McNeill. Watch and see!!

Today was a great day for Mission McNeill!

While at a presidential speech in Curahausi, we had the opportunity see, meet, shake hands, and talk a little about Mission McNeill with the Peruvian President and First Lady! Briefly, I summarized our overall goal of wanting to help 10,000 deprived Peruvian children in 2012 and that in the last few months, we had already helped more than 2,000 children alone. And as I gave each of them a Mission McNeill business card, I asked that they please look at the website, videos, and consider helping. The only question the President asked me was, “where are you from?” I happily answered, from the USA.

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