clinic (water/hygiene project)-- chror neang village, CAMBODIA

A small medical clinic, located in the rural village of Chror Neang, helps thousands of villagers with no direct access to water. Its only water source, a 45-meter deep well, has been out of service since early 2015. And unfortunately, all attempts at fixing the well have failed for several reasons.  Amongst the biggest is that they don’t have enough money to bring in an expert to look at the well; it also doesn’t help that the village is located two hours away from the nearest large city.  Their only means of having sufficient water is by getting it brought in by a Tuc-Tuc from a local river, twice a week.  However, that amount of water is often insufficient for their entire clinic and restroom needs.

Though the clinic is small, with medical team of about four people, they help anywhere from 10 to 30 people a day all year long.  The clinic is dedicated to helping 10 nearby villages and anyone else that shows up.  

Thanks to Mission McNeill, our good friend Samnang Sok--a Cambodian Monk, and several days of searching for a local well expert we were able to find someone to correct the issues.  The fix is temporary as we all wait for the correct part, being delivered from the capital of Phnom Penh, to permanently fix the problem . 

And to improve the overall hygienes of the patients, we gave the clinic a custom-made portable hygiene station.  Patients now use the hygiene station to wash their hands and feet (everyone uses sandals) before entering the facility.  The gift is something the medical team is extremely thankful about!  We also gave the clinic several months’ worth of bar soap.

The total project cost was $747; we’re estimating that this project will benefit 500+ children a year.    

UPDATE:  we're learning that the hygiene station is also being used as a source of drinking water for the villagers.  :)