Children With Special Needs

Located in Curahuasi, Peru there is a public school dedicated to helping children with Special Needs and Down Syndrome.  The school has 33 registered students, though most days only about 20 attend.

Initially, we were requested to help the school by donating a much-needed printer, which they never had.  However, when we got there we noticed many water puddles throughout one of their classrooms.  They told us that the roof always leaks.  Looking up, inside the classroom, we counted over 40 small holes in the tin roof. 

The next day on visiting the school, we were able to find several volunteers to help install a new roof, upgrade the classroom, and connect the printer to their only computer.  The classroom renovation included: painting all the walls and decorating with nursery figures, putting up large posters on the walls, buying coloring books, basic school supplies for the students, a new bench and a large dry erase board, and finally a printer/scanner/copier (all in one).