New Soccer Field - peru


Project Summary: formalize a soccer field, establish a sandbox and volleyball court

Located high in the southern Peruvian mountains, there is a small and rural village called Ccocha. The village has a kindergarten and primary school; together they have a combined total of 24 students. The students come from very deprived families whose average incomes are only a few dollars per day.

To encourage the students to play more sports, we formalized a soccer field and established volleyball court. The soccer field boundaries were made with natural white gravel and then painted over with specialized transient white paint (the same kind used on roads). The soccer goals were custom built and were very difficult to transport.

The sandbox was a HUGE success with not only the younger children but the older students. And the soccer field was a tremendous success as well, getting use from children and adults from various villages.

The total project cost was $1,314 and took about 7 days to complete.