Mission: Build a shiny new wash station next to a primate school restroom.

Puca-puca is a small remote village in the Andes Mountains with an average family income of about $5 per day. Located in the middle of the village is a primary school with four teachers instructing about 85 children in grades 1-6. The school has two primitive restrooms (similar to outhouses) but no wash sinks. In fact, there is no water within a 200 yard radius for the children to wash their hands. We wanted to see change.


Mission McNeill’s goal for this project was to bring clean running water next to the restrooms. Using clean water is something many of us take for granted. However, without clean water for simple hygiene, bacteria and disease can spread, hindering children’s ability to learn and teachers’ ability to teach. We built a small structure from the bottom up, including two inside sinks and one outdoor wash station. The two sinks were constructed at different heights, one at a comfortable height for the children and one at a comfortable height for the adults. The purpose of the outdoor wash station is to help children improve the hygiene of their legs and feet. Over 95 percent of the children wear open sandals all day long. In most cases, the sandals are all they own; they do not have socks or enclosed shoes to protect their feet.

Thanks to Jenny’s Cupcakes for a Cause & its supporters, the sponsor of this project, and to our wonderful ground team, we were able to complete this project in just five days and for only $940. Thank you for investing in the lives of these children!

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