Solar Hot Water HEater


Project Summary: installation of a solar hot water heater system for a medical clinic.

The clinic is strategically located to support multiple rural deprived communities. Its elevation is around 10,000 feet so when the sun isn’t shining it gets really cold. Prior to our project, the nurses heated water on a gas stove to bathe all the 15 “permanent” patients, most of them, who cannot walk on their own. The clinic hasn’t had a working hot water system in over 8 years.

Including the clinic staff, about 40 people will benefit from the new system. And according to the nurses, the clinic will get another 10 residents by the end of 2019. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures of the patients and of inside the clinic for security reasons.

The total project cost was $1,684. And thanks to the help of our wonderful volunteers, we were able to install a new hot water system in about 5 days.