Soup Kitchen & School - Peak Snieng, Cambodia

In the rural community of Peak Snieng, Cambodia there is a small school that has about 40 students. The school is composed of one large classroom and one small storage room for the school’s soup kitchen supplies, all with no electricity.  It has two teachers teaching two groups, kindergarteners and slightly “older” students. 

What surprised us the most about the school is how little they have and yet, their “soup kitchen” manages to feed over 300+ children every Tuesday.  It was beautiful to see many parents and people from the community working together to make this happen.    Additionally, it was very impressive to see how clean the facility was and how well behaved the students were.

The idea for this project was to help with both their educational and soup kitchen hygiene needs.  Apparently, all their bowls, cups and utensils are borrowed from the community.  And though the students rinse everything well after being used and then followed with a wash by parents, just about everything is heavily stained with dark spots from years of use. 

Here’s a list of everything educational we bought for the school: two large white boards (one of them rolling), 12 large tables, 20 large chairs, 5 small tables, 25 small chairs, one multi-use shelf, 70 notebooks, 20 reading books, 11 educational posters, 11 packages of mixed printing color paper, 7 boxes of coloring pencils, 6 boxes of crayons, 144 pencils, 50 blue pens, 50 red pens, 70 lead erasers, 50 personal size pencil sharpeners, 4 whiteboard erasers, 3 scissors and 1 large pencil sharpener.

Here’s a list of everything we bought for the soup kitchen:  one medium size aluminum table, 320 plastic bowls, 360 spoons, 2 large and 2 smaller cooking spoons, 2 large and 2 small baskets to air dry the bowls and spoons, two large trash cans, two towel hooks, and 12 washing sponges.

The total project cost was $886 and took four days to complete.

A Special thanks to our sponsors, “From Us with Love”, comprised of a few U.S. families giving in honor of their children while encouraging them to give as well.