they asked, we listened -- chamka check secondary school, CAMBODIA

While helping another nearby school, the principal of Chamka Check Secondary School came to our project site and introduced himself.   He then invited us to go visit their school and to consider helping them with the purchase of some much needed textbooks. 

A few days later, we managed to meet with the principal and tour the school. In all they lacked about 90 textbooks, for different grade levels.  The plan was to provide textbooks to the students that didn’t have their own copy.  We then had a meeting with the principal and several teachers to determine what else we could help them with.  They were all very humble about it and only asked for some additional reading books. 

Together with their list of books and our list of additional items we noticed that the school lack, we bought them: 90 textbooks; 28 reading books, enough bars of soap for a year, 400 notebooks, 350 blue pens, 350 red pens, 650 pencils, 6 compasses (for their science classes), 15 boxes of chalk, 10 packages of white loose paper, 18 posters, 12 scissors for the teachers, different size rulers for some of the classrooms, one box of 12 large packaging tapes, large papers for meetings and/or presentations purposes, 2 volleyballs, 1 volleyball net, 2 soccer balls, 1 air pump, 3 large trash cans, 2 soap trays, and one large plastic bin to hold some of the soap. 

The whole school, teachers and students, were all very thankful for the gifts!  The total project cost was $655, directly helping 316 students.

A special thanks to our friend and translator for this project Samnang Sok, a Buddhist Monk.