Mission: Turn a primitive adobe room into a fully functioning kindergarten & community center in the small village of Uma Ccoc-Hua. 

Just getting to Uma Cocc-Hua (pronounced Ooma HocWaaa) takes a bit of work. It’s a 45 minute drive up the mountain, which takes twice that time if you have to dig your way through a landslide like we did. Then a 30 minute hike to the building that currently serves as a kindergarten and community center.

The place was desperately in need of help. The adobe room was dark, lit only with a single 50 watt light bulb. The walls were dirty and the toy box for the kindergarten contained a few clothes-pins and a couple of building blocks. Despite the current state of the room, the village had come together with good intentions. They just needed a little help to make the place a usable facility.

In 3 days and for $255 dollars we painted the walls, installed 2 new lights with 100 watt bulbs, painted three new chalk boards (using grout and latex paint), and added a room full of new educational toys and furniture. The building will help educate more than 20 local children and also serve as a bimonthly meeting place for the community.

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