Water Tower - Batrong, Cambodia


The Batrong school has 120 students and was lacking a very basic need prior to our arrival, access to running water. To flush the school’s toilets, the students would carry buckets of water from a manual well, about 100 feet away. The school is located in one of the most desolate areas of Siem Reap and is considered one of the poorest around.

To help the school our team built a new water tower and added a pump, next to the school’s restroom. This combo gives the students access to water, anytime they need it. We also added a new large, tiled sink and upgraded the school’s restroom with a new roof and paint. The project was a huge success! The sink is being used all day long, before, during and after school

The total project cost was $1,565 and took about 12 days to complete. The project cost about $300 more than anticipated from design changes during construction time. For example, we made the concrete pad and sink bigger and redesigned the piping so it wasn’t a tripping hazard and easy to brake.